vendredi 25 septembre 2015


Avec 50 nouveautés cette année ( noms en gras soulignés), voici la liste actualisée de mes hémérocalles référencées. 

Je vais bientôt en diviser certaines et peut-être en mettre en vente sur ebay (Albatordu31), je mettrai l'info sur mon blog.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous êtes intéressé par certaines plantes. Les plantes que j'envoie sont robustes et les prix sont ceux compétitifs.

Je n'ai pas une liste de prix, donc n'hésitez pas à demander.

AB x GBG (gaskins seedling)
Adorable tiger
Adventure with jelly maker
All Things to All Men (non disponible)
Angel Gather Around
Abilien Lillian
Absolute Ripper
All shook up
Amethyst Sunbird
Ana Maria Margetts
Angelique Fringe’s
Ann Hathaways Garden
Answering Angels
Apple Blossom White
Artic Lace
Baby jane Hudson
Baja California
Barbara Burkhart
Barbara Mandrell
Barb Wire
Bass Gibson
Bear claws
Beauty Marked
Belle cook
Berry Cheesecake
Bewitching eyes
Bill & Janet
Big Red Wagon
Bite Like Thousand Bites
Bite Your Tongue
Black eyed susie
Black horns
Black Parrots
Black Tie Affair
Blazing Cannons
Blindingly Beautiful
Blood diamond
Blue Breasted Bee Easter
Blue Eclipse
Bluegrass Memories
Blue Hyppo
Blue Reality
Boca Raton
Bodacious Blush
Bohemian Knight
Bonibrae Sawtooth
Born to be wild
Breck's smile
Brer Rabbit & the briar patch
Briar Patch
Bridgeton Kodak Moment
Bristling Fury
Brooke's Bright Star
Buddy’s Toothy
Buddy’s Victoria Jade
Can't touch this
Cap Tourmente
Casa de Juan
Castle Rock
Cast your crown
Carol Todd
Cherry Ice cream smile
Cleopatra of Gascone
Cobalt Ring
Coït tower
Country cool
Cretacious Crunch
Crocodile Jaws
Crimsom Shuriken
Crowning Fire
Crowning Light
Cutting Loose
Dancing Jubilee
Dan's Garden Party
Dark Desire
Dark Obsession
David Malcolm Brooker Senior
Debra Jorgensen
Dental Academy
Desire of Nation
Diamond Cutter
Diamond Star Halo
Divine Land Mulan
Dream of you
Dragon Fang
Dragon Pinata
Dr Stump
Duke of Gascone
Eagle’s gift
Egyptian Myth
Eight miles high
Eternel Quest
Eyelash Viper
Eye right jones
Fabergé Easter
Fabulous Black pearl
Fang and claw
Fantastic finish
Fantastic Fringe
Fashion Police
Feeling Thorny
Free China
Fire in my Soul
For Aunt Maria
Forever Knight
Forrestlake Raggamuffin
Fourth of July
Fox Hunter
Full Impact
Game Face
Gary Bewcyk
Gaskins seedling Ageless Beauty x Gilded by Grace
Gaskins seedling A-080-2013 (Gaskins seedling x Cutting Loose)
Gaskins seedling Blue Hippo seedling
Gaskins seedling Voodoo magic x dove in flight
Gasping For Breath
Gathering sunshine
Gerry Seifert
Glamorous eyes
Gnashing of teeth
God save the queen
Grandpa Munster
Grasping for Breath
Heavenly Pink Fang
Heavy Weight Champ
Happy Happy
Happy hollidays to you
Heartbreaker Alex
Heavenly Danger Zone
Holy Guacamole
Home of the Free
Horns and Thorns
Hotter than the 4th of July
I am so blue
I wanna pirhana
Ima Bigtimer
Ima masterpiece
Interview with a vampire
Irish Illumination
Ivory titan
Jammin's Black Eyed Dazzler
Jammins peach martini
Jammin’s Phoenix
Jazz and Janis
John Todd
Kaskel "Best Edge"
Keep on Lookin’
Kentucky redneck
Key lime special
Kermit the Frog
Kingdom without End
King Solomon's Treasure
Knock out punch
Lady Stephanie Victoria Redding
Larry’s Obsession
Last Snow Flake
Lavender blue baby
Lemon fringed pastel
Like a Gee Sixr
Linda Bell
Lipstic kisses
Louder than Thunder
Luck O the Irish
Lunatic Fringe
Marmalade muncher
Martha Anne McWilliams
Mary Akers
Mary lena
Mayan’s Dawn
Mega bite
Metallic Montage
Mia Bella of Gascone
Michael Miller
Michael Poliga
Midnight Castle
Mildred Mitchell
Miss me
Monet's Garden
Moon’s Reflection
Mountain Wildflower
My Friend Mary Jane
Northern Mecca
Off the races
Oh so awesome
Oklahoma Sand Burr
One Foundation
Open your heart
Ora Lee Spark
Orchid gilded ruffled
Orchids and Gold
Outer limits
Pagan Ritual
Parrots of the caribbean
Passion and Style
Paula Nettles
Pete Webb
Pete's Passion
Pins and needles
Princess Sophia
Primal Scream
Prism Palette
Polar Dusk
Ponkan’s Lucky Charm
Pot of gold
Puffer Fish
Pulling Teeth
Raggedy Man
Randy Stephens
Raspberry Goosebump
Razor Sharp
Rebecca’s Smile
Red Edition
Red Friday
Red Hot and Boom
Red Ragamuffin
Rock candy
Rock my world
Rollercoaster Rush
Rose colored glasses
Rosy Spiketail
Royal Fringe
Ruffled pink perfection
Ruffled Strawberry Parfait
Rubies for Congo
Ruby and Peridots
Ruby claire Mims
Ruby pearl sullivan
Saber Tooth Tiger
Saphire Summer
Sarah Hawes
Scarlet Knight
Scarlet Peacock
Scarlet Shadow
Scarlet Shuriken
Secret Family Recipe
Seedling F2 - Horns
Semis 1/10 nr
Semis 2/10 nr
Semis 124 /10
Semis 308/10
Semis Benz (Scarlet Shuriken x T-Rex)

Shabby Chic
Shadow of the wolf
Sharp Shooter
Shirley’s Green Teeth
Skin Of My Teeth
Smiling Dragon
Soli Deo Gloria
Sonya Starchak
Spacecoast Chomp Chomp
Spacecoast Eye for passion
Spacecoast Frances Busby
Spacecoast Gone Bulldoggin
Spacecoast Irish  Illumination
Spacecoast Thorny Devil
Spanish Conquest
Spanish Fiesta
Special Candy
Spring Harvest
Starling creation
Strawberry candy
Super Chief
Susan Ruoff
Sweet Almond Mint
Sweet Valosta Memories
Swiming with sharks
Ted’s tribute to Linda
Tet Evelyn Gates x Seedling
Too Hot to Touch
The band played on
The buttler did it
The Dark Side
The Demise Of th Tirants
The fabulous Anne McWilliams
The Milkman did it
The one and only
The ultimate sacrifice
Thistles and thorns
Thorny Issues
Thor's Thunder
Tickle me Elmo
Valley Girl
Vampire Bat
Van Helsing
Velvet Throne
Victorian Garden Bright Star
Violet Light
Venus Fly trap
Victorian Lace
Vintage Velvet
Voilà François
Wedding gone
When Lightning Strikes
When Royals Dream
White chocolate
Wickedly Wild and Wonderful
Wide awake 
Willie Markus
Wonder of it all
Worthy of distinction